Disposable Trocars

Disposable Trocars

Features and advantages

Tough and wear-resistant sealing film system to achieve the best air tightness.
The stability of the thread increases the fixation force of the abdominal wall.
The smaller drag force and funnel-shaped guide groove make the device enter more smoothly.
The two-sided tissue separated slice can minimize the abdominal wall trauma.
The low profile chamber makes the effective length of the instrument into the abdominal cavity larger, which is convenient for the operation in the deeper part.
Bladeless, Optical Tip—Direct visualization eliminates blind entry by enabling visualization of tissue layers during insertion.
Disposable use, avoid the possibility of cross infection.

  • Threaded body to prevent slippage

    Threaded body to prevent slippage

  • Retractable valve No use Converter

    Retractable valve No use Converter

  • Unique puncture needle design

    Unique puncture needle design, Less trauma faster healing

Detachable design,easy access
PD55MMPuncture sleeve + puncture needle
PD1010MMPuncture sleeve + puncture needle
PD1212MMPuncture sleeve + puncture needle
PD1515MMPuncture sleeve + puncture needle
Disposable Trocar

One Hand Detach
Light Weight
Easy to Operate

Disposable Trocars

  • PCD(Blade)


  • PDQ(Optical)


Disposable Trocars

  • Disposable Trocars details

    One hand operation

    Upward Pushing Switch to Detach

  • Disposable Trocars details

    Stainless Steel Obturator

    Enhance Penetration of Trocar

  • Disposable Trocars details

    Barb Thread Design

    Innovation Design,Stronger Fixation

  • Disposable Trocars details

    Visible Tip

    Unfettered Visualization During Insertion

TipWorking length5mm10mm12mm15mm
Optical BladelessStandard(100mm)PDQ5PDQ10PDQ12PDQ15
Optical BladelessLong Length(150mm)PDQL5PDQL10PDQL12PDQL15


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