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Welcome to VERYKIND MEDICAL — a World’s company born in China.

We are the Fastest growing company in China on the Laparoscopic Field.

Our history started in 2012, with more than 30 years of High End Stapling knowledge and fully capitalized by DAVID MEDICAL DEVICE CO.LTD a listed company (Stock Code:300314) a world recognized leader on the Research, Designing, Supply and Service of Neonatology Medical Equipment.

We at VERYKIND MEDICAL acquire the heritage, the commitment, quality and drive that makes DAVID MEDICAL a Medical World recognized player.

Our experience, technical knowledge, Innovation and Service, allowed the company to be the fastest growing company in China on Powered Stapling and Laparoscopic Products.

With an extensive international distribution channel, we seek to innovate and delivery the best surgical solutions to our surgeons and patients.

VeryKind Medical, it’s also known to be one important player on the Surgical Education and Training of Surgeons, that combine with our products, make us one step closer to the Goal of being a Driving Brand on the market

- Through Knowledge We Grow.

Present in Europe, South America, Central America, Middle East, Asia and South East Asia, we seek continuous grow, creating loyal and trust relations with our distribution channels with the common goal of serving patients for better outcomes.

To reinforced our quality commitment, we have all certifications necessary to comply with the most highest safety rules, robotic production, ISO strict quality and production policy.



For the customers: Provide high quality products and service, create the biggest value investing.
For the society: Service humanity and continuation of life.
For the stockholder: Do the best income.
For the employees: Promote the employees' value and development space, improve their quality of work and life.


Leading innovation
Good quality and quantity
Thrifty for business
Harmonious development


High sense of social responsibility
Focus on Quality
Honesty and integrity
Profit from creating a better life for all the human being.


To be the largest minimally-invasive surgery instruments production base in China.

DAVID Educational Platform

As leading world provider of Surgical Technology, VERYKIND Medical has also a important core value that is providing Continuous Surgical Education to Surgeons worldwide, helping them achieving their maximum potential and arriving better patient outcomes.

VERYKIND Medical provides an extensive range of courses, from immersion courses to pos-graduation level courses, in two locations at the moment. Our state-of-the-art Training Center SCOLLA in Curitiba, Brazil and in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

Also we continue to provide intensive online courses designed by World Known Surgeons and Professors.

Courses available: Bariatric Surgery, Colo-Rectal Surgery and Thoracic Surgery.

Hope to see you soon in one of our Training Centers!  LET'S GO

Ningbo Verykind Medical Device Co., Ltd
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