DAVID Educational Platform

We at DAVID Medical have as core objective, be a reference in Surgical Education.

Through Knowledge | We Grow

In respect to that conviction, we propose throw DAVID Educational Platform a wide range of surgical courses, masterclasses, hands-on knowledge sharing experiences, intensive online courses to all Surgical and Healthcare Community.

Surgical Courses

- Immersion Courses

*Directed to Residents and New Surgeons

*Course Directors: Dr.Marcelo Loureiro, Dr.Mariano Palermo

- Improvement Courses

*Directed to Surgeons that want to go for the Next Level

- Masterclasses

*Online and Live

*Directors: Dr.Laurent Layani, Dr.Patrick Noel

- Hands On Courses

*Directors: Dr.Laurent Layani, Dr.Patrick Noel

Training Facilities

VeryKind Medical (DAVID) offer to all surgeons, state-of-the art  Training Facilities, located in:

* SCOLLA, Curitiba, BRAZIL

* Al Sharq Hospital, Fujairah, UAE

DAVID Webinar Series

Our online program of intensive courses, with the duration of 2 days.

Having Dr.Marcelo Loureiro(BRA), Dr.Mariano Palermo(ARG), Dr.Marius Nedelcu(FRA) and Dr.Patrick Noel(FRA/UAE) as Directors.

The Online Courses currently are deeply embebbed in Bariatric Surgery, where we tackle the most important subjects of all procedures on this Field.

There are 2 programs currently:



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