Disposable Trocars: Why Are They the First Choice in Modern Medical Care?

With the continuous advancement of medical technology, disposable medical supplies are increasingly used in clinical practice. VERYKIND MEDICAL disposable trocars are usually used in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other medical places to ensure the safety and hygiene of collecting blood samples or injecting drugs. Using VERYKIND MEDICAL disposable trocars avoids the risk of cross-contamination because they are discarded after each use and will not be used again.


1. Characteristics of disposable trocars

Material safety: Disposable trocars are usually made of medical-grade plastic or metal materials, which have good biocompatibility and corrosion resistance, ensuring that they will not cause harm to the patient's body during use.

Reasonable design: The design of the disposable trocar takes full consideration of ergonomics and clinical operation needs. Parameters such as the length, diameter, and tip shape of the needle tube are carefully designed to ensure accuracy and comfort during the puncture process.

Easy to operate: The use of disposable trocars is very easy. Doctors only need to perform simple training and practice in accordance with the operating procedures to master its use.

Reduce the risk of cross-infection: Since disposable trocars are single-use, they can effectively avoid the risk of cross-infection and ensure the medical safety of patients.

2. How to use disposable trocars

Preparation work: Before using a disposable trocar, the doctor needs to carefully check whether the packaging is intact and confirm that the product is not expired or damaged. At the same time, the operating area also needs to be disinfected to reduce the risk of infection.

Puncture operation: The doctor selects an appropriate puncture point based on the patient's specific conditions, and then holds a disposable trocar to perform the puncture. During the puncture process, the doctor needs to maintain stable force and speed to ensure the accuracy and safety of the puncture.

Fixation and injection: After the puncture is successful, the doctor needs to use medical tape and other fixing materials to fix the disposable trocar on the patient to prevent it from falling off or shifting. Doctors can then inject drugs or perform other treatments through the trocar.

Needle removal and treatment: After treatment, the doctor needs to follow standard operating procedures to remove the disposable trocar, and perform compression to stop bleeding and disinfect the puncture point. The pulled out disposable trocars should be properly disposed of in accordance with medical waste disposal regulations to prevent environmental pollution.

3. Clinical application advantages of disposable trocars

Improve the puncture success rate: The design of the disposable trocar makes the puncture process more accurate and stable, which can effectively improve the puncture success rate and reduce the patient's pain and discomfort.

Reduce the risk of complications: The use of disposable trocars can effectively reduce the risk of complications that may occur during puncture, such as bleeding, infection, etc., thereby ensuring the medical safety of patients.

Improve work efficiency: Disposable trocars are easy and quick to use, which can effectively improve doctors' work efficiency, shorten treatment time, and provide better medical services to patients.

Reduce medical costs: Although the unit price of disposable trocars is relatively high, because they are used a limited number of times and do not require additional cleaning, disinfection and other steps, they can effectively reduce medical costs in the long run.

4. Conclusion

As an important medical device, disposable trocars have broad application prospects and advantages in clinical practice. Through a detailed introduction to the characteristics, usage and clinical application advantages of VERYKIND MEDICAL disposable trocars, we can see that disposable trocars can improve puncture success rates, reduce the risk of complications, improve work efficiency and reduce medical costs. It has significant advantages in all aspects.

Therefore, we should actively promote the use of disposable trocars to provide safer, more efficient, and more convenient medical services to patients. At the same time, we also need to continuously improve the design and manufacturing technology of disposable trocars to improve their performance and reliability and meet the changing clinical needs.

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