25 e 26 de maio de 2022 · 19h as 21h (BRAARG)

DAVID Educational Platform - Middle East - 1st Advanced Bariatric Course

The 1st bariatric surgery training course launched by David Medical was successfully concluded at Al Sharq Hospital in Dubai from 14th to 16th Jan. 2023.

Dr. Laurent Layani(France/UAE), a world-renowned expert in the field of bariatric surgery, served as the lecturer for this course, and shared his superb surgical skills and experience with 9 trainees.The 9 trainees are from Dubai, Pakistan and other countries in the Middle East.

In 2 days, Dr. Laurent Layani fully demonstrated the advantages of the 60 degree articulation and the outstanding staple formation of David's BELUGA disposable powered endoscopic linear cutting staplers by performing 7 operations (including 5 Sleeve Gastrectomy and 2 Gastric bypass). Reliable products give students more confidence and support.

Through the Knowledge, We Grow. 

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